Friday, January 20, 2012

My obsession: The Kitchen!

I LOVE my kitchen and not just a little bit. I told my husband we can never move because I can't bear to leave it. It's my favorite room of the house. It's not just my favorite room either, it's the room I got the most compliments on when people see my house for the first time.

It wasn't always this way. As much as I love my kitchen now, I hated it with the same passion when we first moved in. It had pickled oak cabinets and a light pinkish counter top. A picture for your viewing pleasure...

Really, the picture makes it look better than it was.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), two weeks before Christmas in 2010 our old copper pipes burst, right behind the oven and the cabinets next to it. The cabinets were ruined and I HAD to remodel the kitchen. Such a pity...

This is my kitchen now! (well these pictures were taken just a couple days after it was completed)

Did I mention I love my kitchen?

The dining area is still the same. If you noticed in my first picture there are 2 wall hangings above the table. They didn't really match the old kitchen but I think it all ties together now. Anyway, the pretty green pattern on them, was not actually supposed to be part of the wall hanging. The wall was supposed to show through. But I wanted color. It's printed cardboard that I stuck behind them. You could easily do the same type of thing with some material. Just hot glue it all together and hang it up!

We have a huge double pantry that I use for my small appliances, a smaller one that we use for my mixer and another small one for food. Lots of cabinet space! Hubby says I have too many small appliances, I say nay! If you are ever remodeling your kitchen, I highly recommend adding a pantry just for your small appliances.

With spice racks of course! I would like to mention, they were all in alphabetical order until, hubby started cooking...

This is the front of the double pantry. A pretty silver command strip hook and viola! a place to hang my aprons.

This is on the inside of one of the cabinets. A couple command hooks and the perfect spot to put keys!

I think I have demonstrated enough blog love for my kitchen. Now I need to go clean it!

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